Welcome, Accidental Tech Podcast listeners. Here's a special Notograph.net just for you with an extended Director's Cut of the Jonathan Mann music video.

Have you ever been thumbing through pictures of your kids or your cats and had the moment interrupted by a picture you took just to remember something?

If you already use your camera for pictures of sketches or business cards or whiteboards or napkins or signs or any other thing you want to remember but DO NOT want in your camera roll or your Photo Stream, then NOTOGRAPH is just what you've been waiting for.


Notograph: the Music Video (Director's Cut)

Notograph features

quick capture, always opens ready to snap

saves your photo stream (Notograph has its own camera roll) 

a unique linear thumbnail that you can set

sorting into category folders

swipe to move or delete a Notograph

multi-select to take action on more than one Notograph

sync to iCloud or Dropbox

share to Evernote

share via mail

share via message

save to camera roll (but only when you choose)

more sharing options coming soon


Notograph is great for

    • recipes
    • sketches
    • business cards
    • receipts
    • whiteboard or chalkboard notes
    • a picture of the guy you kidnapped holding today's newspaper to prove he's still alive 
    • parking garage locator signs
    • Home Improvement trucks with phone numbers
    • funny signs
    •  bumper stickers
    • household shopping reminders
    • gift ideas
    • home remodel ideas
    • signs with cars for sale
    • license plates when someone cuts you off
    • wine labels to remember
    • inkjet ink numbers
    • A/C filter sizes


    This is definitely an app that I would actually use.
    — Gedeon Maheux, the Iconfactory (he did make the icon, but I swear this was an unsoliciited comment for which he received no remuneration. He really seemed like he meant it, too).


    Contact us with questions or suggestions. We are not done with Notograph. We know it can be better and do more while still retaining its simplicity.

    Stuff we think we're supposed to put down here

    Notograph is a production of Notograph LLC. This website and its contents copyright Notograph LLC. There should probably be some other legal stuff down here, but can we all just do the right thing?